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Vaudreuil Electrician | Electrical contractor

Lagacé Électrique in Vaudreuil (450) offers commercial and residential electrician services for electrical installations and hook-ups. 24h emergency service. Contact our electricians

Industrial Electrician

Industrial and commercial electrician. Installation/maintenance & repair. Municipalities services

Electrical Inspection

inpection of the electrical grid, installations, wiring and pannel

Electrical Renovation | Electrical Work

Lagacé Électrique offes several electrical serives : replacing electrical wiring, panel and adding electrical installations. You search an electrician for an electrical work.

Electric heating & heated floors

Sale, installation & maintenance on electric heating and heated floors.

Get a quote

Electrical work and services – Residential, commercial, industrial – Vaudreuil sector – Get a Quote.

Commercial lighting

Lagacé Électrique offer several services of electrical works. Its electricians are expert in commercial lighting installation and maintenance.

Municipal electrician

Electrical installations and maintenance for municipalities

New home electrical

Our team of electricians perform wire and electrical installations for your new home.

Our expertise

Installation and repairs – Residential, commercial and industrial – Cutting edge technology

Pool and spa hook-up

Pool and spa hook-up / electrical installation.

Residential electrician

Residential electrician for any type of electrical installation, repair & maintenance.

Residential generators

Residential generator purchase, installation and maintenance.

Retail and industries | electrical systems & equipment

Electrical system and equipment installation and maintenance for retail & industrial sectors

Shopping mall electricity

Interior and exterior electrical installations for shopping malls

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Contact Lagacé Electrique: Residential, commercial, industrial sectors – electricians serving the Vaudreuil & West Island areas.