Electrical systems for shopping centers

From electrical hook-up to wiring, to interior lighting, external lamps, fire alarm systems and heating, Lagacé Électrique has acquired extensive knowledge in electrical systems for large retail facilities. We have cherry pickers and hydraulic platforms at our disposal to allow us to carry out this type of work.


Both exterior and interior electrical installations are governed by specific norms and standards demanding precise knowledge covering all the different situations and operations to be carried out. Lagacé Électrique’s technicians are trained to undertake work in all situations, whatever they happen to be. They receive highly advanced safety training to ensure that their work does not entail any risk. Furthermore, they will take into consideration the conditions likely to be experienced when repair or installation work is to be carried out. When weather conditions are unfavorable, they will examine the feasibility of the task at hand and offer alternative approaches in accordance with the client or municipality’s requirements.

Projects or maintenance work relating to electrical systems are often complex, requiring the intervention of specialists. With over 30 years’ experience in the sector, our staff can manage each project for you, giving you the benefit of all their expertise and know-how. Because your time is valuable, they will ensure work is carried out efficiently, adapting themselves to the conditions and busy periods (working in offices or public places). They will submit their schedule and inform of any electrical disruptions. We make the experience as seamless as possible.