Residential generator

When choosing a generator, it is important to assess the existing infrastructure of your home as well as the current electrical system and the area you wish to install the generator. Request a visit from one of our technicians, who will explain the technical aspects and the essential requirements involved for this type of installation. Do not hesitate to ask for specific details as well as a comparative assessment of the different generators currently available on the market.

residential generator - Cummins Onan

Purchase and installation

Among the many expert services we provide when it comes to residential electrical systems, our technicians are particularly well-equipped to provide advice about purchasing and installing generators. If it is not obligatory, having one of these devices will instantly shield you from electricital shortages, issues and power outages. The generators presently available on the market produce little operating noise, making them a particularly attractive option.

Once the generator model has been chosen, the technical part of the process begins. From installation to routine maintenance, benefit from our technicians’ experience. Ready to assist through the entire process, They will help install the generator and connect it to your electrical system. They will carry out safety checks and ensure your generator is working correctly upon delivery, on request and during the term. No need to worry anymore about future electrical failures and supply outages. Lagacé Électrique’s team of professionals has been providing cutting edge electrical services for over 30 years.

Energy for rent

Rent our generator for your events or when needed during a power outage.

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