Residential electrician

Electrical systems require various types of maintenance and the work needs to be very carefully carried out. Complying with norms and environmental requirements demand a high level of expertise when setting up your home. For all your electrical works, call an electrician. Residential electrician: Electrical installations and repairs This applies not only to the heating system, but also the lighting, the electrical supply, or to any other related installation work such as outdoor hook-ups (swimming pool) or inground electrical wiring. We are particularly well-equipped to meet the client’s needs where each of these requirements is concerned. Because the design, installation and maintenance of an electrical mains circuit is such an important undertaking, our technicians are equipped with leading products (such as Flextherm heated floors or convection heaters from ConvectAir and Ouellet) which enable them to adapt and personnalize each project securily. We are also certified to test and check existing installations, and to advise the client (private or commercial) of current norms and standards. This also applies to homes fitted with aluminum wiring or an electrical system several decades old. Each client and contact benefit from our 30 years in the industry. Our experts can also advise you about major purchases such as generators, and can carry out its installation and set up.