Electrical services for municipalities

Professional service provision and managing relationships with service providers are significant concerns for town and city administrations. To best manage public infrastructure, they require a representative that is constantly available, operates professionally, and is capable of responding to technical requests within a reasonable delay.

Due to our experience and excellent reputation with town councils, we are the preferred partner to meet specifications set by local administrations. Urban issues as well as energy use, power supply and pumping stations provision must all be managed globally, whilst requiring their own individualized service.

We also offer feasibility studies and assessments of existing installations so that appropriate solutions tailored to the specific location, conditions and local priorities can be proposed. Because we are local, we can arrive quickly and also on-call when there is an emergency. Our electricians are amongst the most capable and versatile in the sector, and they have the latest generation equipment at their disposal to enable them to carry out tasks and maintenance for the public sector. For over 30 years, Lagacé Électrique has successfully met the challenges faced by public administrations.