Electrical renovations

It is important to make an electical inspection verified and have it brought up to code if necessary. Our electricians are availble to advise you and can perform any electrical work professionally. We can rewire your home entirely, and also make changes to your power supply, like increasing the amperage (from 100 to 200 amps, from 200 to 400 amps, etc.).

Electrical renovations work

Electrical Renovations

Was your home built 50 years ago or more? Do you suspect the electrical wiring is just as old?

Doing electrical work on your own can be tempting, but you have to possess in depth knowledge about electricity. In addition, certain types of work, including electricity, require a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). Who can do electrical work? The Building Law (Article 49) stipulates that all electrical work must be carried out by a master electrician.

We aren’t talking here about changing the fuse of your circuit breaker or of a burnt bulb, but the renovation of a system or an electrical circuit. Be aware that if an accident occurs (fire, breakage or bodily injury), you aren’t protected. For your electrical renovations, you must hire an electrician. It guarantees your safety and help avoid unwanted surprises!

By working with Lagacé Électrique, your work will be done by professionals who will offer tailor-made service and impeccable quality. You will also be assured that the installations or renovations carried out respect the laws and codes related to the realization of electrical works.

You can count on the Lagacé Électrique’s team of electricians when it comes to completely rewiring your dwelling to ensure everything is perfectly safe. You can also entrust them with the task of replacing a fuse board with a circuit breaker board. Are you planning an extension to your home? We can make any addition and modification to your existing power supply.

Electrical work

As well as bringing your electrical system up to standard, our technicians can also suggest ways you can optimize your energy consumption, by replacing antiquated components or improving the layout of your electrical grid. Where external installations are present (swimming pool, outdoor lighting, etc.), they will carry out simple tests to verify that your wiring has been properly adapted.

For each individual project, we provide a custom electical renovation solution adapted to the specific requirements of the situation. Thanks to our modern, safe equipment, all work is carried out quickly and smoothly and unforeseen issues are avoided. Our expertise, which comes from over 30 years’ experience in the industry, is to be considered when needing to make changes to your power supply.