Industrial electricity for retail and industrial sectors

industrial electician

We specialize in commercial, industrial and municipal electrical installations and maintenance. Our industrial electricians installations services include fire alarm systems, store heating systems and municipal lighting. In addition to installation and maintenance work by an industrial electrician, we also resolve modern, energy efficiency issues. These are complex and require specialized expertise. There is an ever greater need for sustainable development and energy efficiency and an increasingly wide range of alternative energy sources and more modern, cost-efficient installation types are available.

Increasing energy efficiency with the help of industrial electricians

Our electricians will propose the latest innovations and discuss the opportunities for increasing energy efficiency in your facilities, your buildings, and for municipalities. Based on an assessment of the existing system, they will advise you about any potential risks observed and the possibility of installing modern, reliable electrical systems. Our equipment includes cherry pickers and hydraulic platforms available to enable us to carry out all kinds of electrical work. We also offer a 24h emergency service. Don’t put it off any longer and call Lagacé Électrique for all your electrical problems today.